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The Simplest Way to Tackling a Mega Website Writing Project

The Simplest Way to Tackling a Mega Website Writing Project

Are you perplexed about how to handle a mega website writing project? This article shows how to get started simply and conquer the monster of a project.

Key Messages Copy Platform

First, make a brand messaging guide. Casey Demchak, a well-known white paper writer, calls it as Key Messages Copy Platform (KMCP).

It basically contains:

  • Unique value proposition
  • Audience types
  • Offer types
  • Key features and benefits, organized by product / solution
  • Market research, facts and figures
  • Product or service history
  • Founder bios
  • Origin story of the brand / product lines
  • Testimonials, organized by product / solution
  • Common objections and statements to overcome them
  • Messages for each customer awareness stage
  • One sentence description for each product / solution

Ask for existing marketing collaterals, websites, press releases, ads and other assets. Writing or gathering the above will prime your mind about the products / solutions nicely.

After you have all of these, you can start writing the copies.

Then make a list of pages / contents that you have to write. Extend the ideas from your KMCP file. Remix them. If you discover or create an extensible idea, be sure to add it in the KMCP file.

This will come in handy if they ever need someone to maintain the website.

Break down the contents by page. Write a headline and a brief paragraph for each, along with the call to action (CTA). This will give you a good foundation to write the final versions.

Now it’s a matter of plowing through and writing the final versions of each content. Remember to address the needs of each audience type that you have in your KMCP file.

Maintain a spreadsheet or a Trello board to keep track of the copies that have to be written and completed. Break them down to manageable bits.

Then write copies one by one until you’re done.

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